2016 Pinewood Derby Race Results

Pinewood Derby 2016 Design Winners.

We had 63 Scout racers and 18 sibling racers in our 2016 Pinewood Derby. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making it such a fun event. Look for race times from Mr. Bill later this week.

Top Design for Pack    – Bear Joseph Ke

Den Design Winners

  • Tiger                Benjamin Ma
  • Wolf                 Brenda Tu
  • Bear                 Luc Sa
  • Webelo I           Avery Kr
  • Webelo 2          Declan Tu

Pinewood Derby 2016 Race Winners

Pack Level Winners

  1. Carson O – Bear
  2. Aidan Fl – Wolf
  3. Carmine Co – Bear

Top 3 at Den level
(Pack level winners are pulled from Den level to allow for more winners)


  1. Benjamin Ma
  2. Luke Co
  3. Eric Ma


  1. Brendan Tu
  2. Kai So
  3. Benjamin Ha


  1. Nicholas Ve
  2. Sacha Bo
  3. Dominic Ma

Webelos I

  1. Liam ZA
  2. Avery Kr
  3. Patrick Co
Webeolos II

  1. Frank Fi
  2. Declan Tu
  3. Arline Li
Sibling Adult

  1. Darrin O’Connell
  2. Tony Copp
  3. Brian Tulley
Siblings under 12

  1. Colin Tul
  2. Alexis Fi
  3. Ella La

Note: For privacy considerations we do not publish full names of scouts on our website.

2015 Scout Registration Deadline 11/1/15

The start of the new school year can be hectic for all of us, so we have a 2 month window to register your sons for scouting.  All Pack 1634 scouts need to be registered and have paid their $75 annual dues by November 1st. Failure to register means your son may not be able to participate in pack events after November 1st.  Boy Scouts of America requires us to apply each year for a new Charter and the primary requirement is that all of the boys be registered and that we pay $35 per scout to BSA.

We need to know how many returning scouts we have so that we can recharter our pack and also properly plan and budget for all of our upcoming events.

Thank you to all that have already registered and for the those few that forgot thank you for registering today.

Pack 1634 Scout Registration form 2015.

Dad-n-Lad Registration Open

Dads registration for our upcoming Dad-n-Lad is now open. Please visit the event page to register you and your son for some fall camping fun.

You can stay in a tent or be inside in one of the 3 bunk rooms. Stay for the day or the whole weekend. Rain, snow or shine we will have a good time.

Still planning the event schedule so check back for updates in the next couple weeks.

We need 4 or 5 days to plan the event in advance and so far we have a head Chef, a supplies and logistics volunteer and a registrar.  We could use 2 to 3 more dads just to plan the fun events that we will do this year.

Each dad will also signup for a 2 small roles when they show up at camp (e.g. dinner setup, lunch cleanup …), each of which is about 30 minute commitment.

Register here.

Mom-n-Me Registration Closing Soon

Moms, our mom and me camp out is just around the corner and know it will be a great time for scouts and moms to have some fun.  The registration form is simply on the mom-n-me event in case you missed it or click here.  Please register by this Sunday so we know how much food to buy. There are more details on the event page found on the calendar: what to pack, schedule of events etc …

In an attempt to make the weekend run more smoothly we have posted the usual parent volunteer signup sheet in advance of the event. Every mom has a job so please pick something that works for you.  Mom-n-me volunteer signup list.

Popcorn Show-n-sell opportunities start this weekend

Itching to easily sell popcorn? Paul Hughes has already started finding opportunities to sell popcorn. Paul will setup the table with popcorn, cash box and tracking sheet. Just need a couple of cheerful boys to work on their salesmanship skills.

There are 2 time slots (so 2 + 2 = 4 Scouts) openings this weekend a Frentz and sons. Please email Paul at paul.r.hughes1@gmail.com or call him at (248) 515-9826 if you want this weekends spot.

Visit our Popcorn Show-n-Sell Signup Genius page to signup on line and get reminders too.

Early Tiger Registration now open

clk-jointoday01-286x300Kindergartners are allowed to join Cub Scouts as soon as June 1st.

There is no formal summer Tiger program, although new tigers are invited to all of our Pack 1634 summer events.

  • June Canoeing and Fishing
  • July Mud Hens Game
  • August summer Picnic
  • Other fun TBD

In addition new scouts are welcome to participate in Cub Scout events around the community.

How do you sign up?

It is simple just follow these 3 steps

  1. Download and fill out these 2 forms
  2. Visit our New Scout Registration Page and fill out the form
  3. After submitting the form you will be taken to Paypal to pay your sons annual $75 dues
    • Roughly $30 goes directly to Boy Scouts of America
    • Another $10 is for Boy’s Life magazine
    • The remaining $35 is what we use to run all of our programs including achievement pins, badges, etc…

What’s Next

  • Events are always posted on our website on the Event Calendar (top menu) and in upcoming events are in sidebar
  • If you registered online and subscribed to Pack News you will receive emails when we have news
  • If you forgot or are not sure if you subscribed visit our Subscribe Now page


Contact Mike Piskie our Committee Chairman at 248-390-6453 or Chuck Flood our Assistant Cubmaster at 248-770-1114

2015 Pinewood Derby Results

Here are the results.

 Here are a few things I noticed when doing the statistics.

  • There were 65 scout cars and 19 open class cars this year.
  • This year’s participation was higher than last year, 81% vs. 73%.
  • The time spread was much tighter this year at 0.9703 seconds vs. 1.6578 seconds for 2014.
  • For the first time we had 100% Webelo I participation.
  • For the first time we had 100% Webelo II participation.
  • The fastest 10 cars all weighed more than 4.95 ounces.
  • Of the slowest 10 cars all but three weighed more than 4.90 ounces.  Weight isn’t everything.
  • Seven cars this year beat the 2014 winning time.  This could be because of the new timing system.

I have four cars.  They are numbers 24, 56, 107, and 204.


There were two coffee mugs, a sweatshirt, and a bag left behind.


Cub Scouts vs Sports

Saw this video posted on Scouter Adam’s blog, and I had to share it. It’s a recruitment video from the Coronado Area Council in Kansas.

On YouTube, they describe the video this way:

A fun video that reminds parents that if getting your son prepared for life is important to you then making time for Scouting is important!

Mom and Me 2014

It was another fun weekend for moms and scouts up at the ranch – despite the hail??!!!   Many thanks to the Webelo I’s for the puppet show and the campfire skits.  You made us all laugh.

On a personal note, this is my last year as chair of the Mom and Me.  I’d like to thank those moms who have put so much effort into making this event special for the boys both before and during the weekend.   There would be no Mom and Me if the moms didn’t pitch in to work together.  Special thanks to Anna Abell, Sarah Cerone, Gina Gray, Jenny Miller, Chestra Peaselee, Francesca Sobeck, Anne Marie Vecchio  and Tammy Velthoven, who have done much more than their fair share for years now.   Megan Piskie