2016 Pinewood Derby Race Results

Pinewood Derby 2016 Design Winners.

We had 63 Scout racers and 18 sibling racers in our 2016 Pinewood Derby. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making it such a fun event. Look for race times from Mr. Bill later this week.

Top Design for Pack    – Bear Joseph Ke

Den Design Winners

  • Tiger                Benjamin Ma
  • Wolf                 Brenda Tu
  • Bear                 Luc Sa
  • Webelo I           Avery Kr
  • Webelo 2          Declan Tu

Pinewood Derby 2016 Race Winners

Pack Level Winners

  1. Carson O – Bear
  2. Aidan Fl – Wolf
  3. Carmine Co – Bear

Top 3 at Den level
(Pack level winners are pulled from Den level to allow for more winners)


  1. Benjamin Ma
  2. Luke Co
  3. Eric Ma


  1. Brendan Tu
  2. Kai So
  3. Benjamin Ha


  1. Nicholas Ve
  2. Sacha Bo
  3. Dominic Ma

Webelos I

  1. Liam ZA
  2. Avery Kr
  3. Patrick Co
Webeolos II

  1. Frank Fi
  2. Declan Tu
  3. Arline Li
Sibling Adult

  1. Darrin O’Connell
  2. Tony Copp
  3. Brian Tulley
Siblings under 12

  1. Colin Tul
  2. Alexis Fi
  3. Ella La

Note: For privacy considerations we do not publish full names of scouts on our website.

Dad and Lad Highlights!!

This past weekend we had an excellent “Dad and Lad Campout.” The boys shot BB guns, rode horses, went on hikes, played human Foosball and learned may valuable scouting virtues.

Of of course the Campout wouldn’t be complete without Mass with father Bob at Shrine North and a hilarious song and skit program with Mr. Tulley. A big thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible. We all had a great time!!!
Flag raising ceremony image image image  Dad-n-Lad-MassGunRangeMasterMikeimage

Dad-n-Lad Registration Open

Dads registration for our upcoming Dad-n-Lad is now open. Please visit the event page to register you and your son for some fall camping fun.

You can stay in a tent or be inside in one of the 3 bunk rooms. Stay for the day or the whole weekend. Rain, snow or shine we will have a good time.

Still planning the event schedule so check back for updates in the next couple weeks.

We need 4 or 5 days to plan the event in advance and so far we have a head Chef, a supplies and logistics volunteer and a registrar.  We could use 2 to 3 more dads just to plan the fun events that we will do this year.

Each dad will also signup for a 2 small roles when they show up at camp (e.g. dinner setup, lunch cleanup …), each of which is about 30 minute commitment.

Register here.

2015 Pinewood Derby Results

Here are the results.

 Here are a few things I noticed when doing the statistics.

  • There were 65 scout cars and 19 open class cars this year.
  • This year’s participation was higher than last year, 81% vs. 73%.
  • The time spread was much tighter this year at 0.9703 seconds vs. 1.6578 seconds for 2014.
  • For the first time we had 100% Webelo I participation.
  • For the first time we had 100% Webelo II participation.
  • The fastest 10 cars all weighed more than 4.95 ounces.
  • Of the slowest 10 cars all but three weighed more than 4.90 ounces.  Weight isn’t everything.
  • Seven cars this year beat the 2014 winning time.  This could be because of the new timing system.

I have four cars.  They are numbers 24, 56, 107, and 204.


There were two coffee mugs, a sweatshirt, and a bag left behind.


Fundraising Update


The Cub Scouts are out and about selling popcorn this year with great success.  The show and sells are averaging around $150 to $200 for a 2 hour shift.  We have several opportunities still available this weekend.  Note the popcorn Kernel (aka Matt) will setup the station for you.  Any scout can do more than 1 show and sell so check out the sign up sheet now and pick your spot.

Show and Sell Sign Up Link


There is still plenty of time to sell Christmas wreaths.  They really are nice.  Check out the Wreath page for more details.  The order form and pricing sheet can be downloaded from this site but the catalog you can get from Matt Segvich

Mom-n-Me Fun in the Rain 2012

It was wet and it was muddy, but that didn’t stop our Cub Scouts from enjoying the 2012 Mom and Me camping trip.  We were able to try something new this year with bouldering and some rousing games of Fishes and Sharks and Three Musketeers races while waiting for the gate to open.   And, of course, we played kickball.  Our Saturday bonfire got rained out, but we made the best of it with board games and (microwave) s’mores.

The Tigers earned their Leave No Trace patches.  The Wolves are half way to a gold arrow with five arrow point electives.  And the Bears worked on their long-awaited whittling chips.   It was too wet to work on the hiking belt loop, so we’ll look forward to that next year.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in with the everything that needs to be done to make a camping trip for over 80 people a success by cooking, cleaning, shopping, hauling and organizing,  especially Sarah Cerone, Jenny Miller, Chestra Peaslee, Francesca Sobeck, and Anne Marie Vecchio.  Thank you also to Chicken Shack for Friday’s dinner.

See you back at the ranch in October 2013!

Megan Piskie

2012 Event Calendar Available

The 2012 Events calendar has been posted.  Though the details of some events may change with time the bulk of the event dates are already in place.  If you are a techy any individual event can be added to your Gmail or Outlook calendar with a click of a button.

New this year is the ability to add all of the Pack Events to your calendar via Outlook or Gmail Calendars.  Visit the Events page for all the details.

Note: Individual dens will be adding their den meeting dates ASAP.

Boy Scout ‘Jungle Adventure’ Summer Camp

Boy Scout ‘Jungle Adventure’ Summer Camp is just around the corner and the early registration discount deadline is May 13th.  The camps run for 3 days and are filled with fun and achievement opportunities.  The only parental requirement is that we provide a minimum of 1 parent per 5 kids.  So if we have 6 kids signed up each parent needs to volunteer for 1/2 of a day, not a bad deal for $50. To learn more checkout  ‘Day Camp Parent’s Guide‘.

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