Webelos I – 4th Graders

Den Leaders

Darrin O’Connell , Anne Marie Vecchio & Christine Bouras


Welcome to Webelos!
We.be.lo.s — We be loyal scouts!

Webelos is a 2 year program that extends from 4th grade to 5th grade until scouts crossover onto BOY SCOUTS in March of their 5th grade year.

We will be taking advantage of the fantastic Webelos training classes throughout our community.  The programs are very well run and offer the boys a chance to earn 1 or more pins per outing.  The classes are offered at different times/locations throughout the year so if a scout can not make it to one of the den organized outings, you can sign them up for another one that fits your schedule.

There are 27 adventures (pins) in the “new” Webelos program.  Some of the adventures will be earned at class, some in a den meeting.  Not all 27 pins need to be earned by the close of the 2 year program.  Scouts who do earn all 27 are eligible for the Webelos Super Achiever award which will be presented at the night of their crossover.

Required pins to earn Webelos rank :  Cast Iron Chef, Duty to God and You, First Responder, Stronger, Faster, Higher, and Webelos Walkabout

Required pins to earn Arrow of Light (Cub Scouts highest honor):  Building a Better World, Camper, Duty to God in Action, and Scouting Adventure

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