2016 Pinewood Derby Race Results

Pinewood Derby 2016 Design Winners.

We had 63 Scout racers and 18 sibling racers in our 2016 Pinewood Derby. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making it such a fun event. Look for race times from Mr. Bill later this week.

Top Design for Pack    – Bear Joseph Ke

Den Design Winners

  • Tiger                Benjamin Ma
  • Wolf                 Brenda Tu
  • Bear                 Luc Sa
  • Webelo I           Avery Kr
  • Webelo 2          Declan Tu

Pinewood Derby 2016 Race Winners

Pack Level Winners

  1. Carson O – Bear
  2. Aidan Fl – Wolf
  3. Carmine Co – Bear

Top 3 at Den level
(Pack level winners are pulled from Den level to allow for more winners)


  1. Benjamin Ma
  2. Luke Co
  3. Eric Ma


  1. Brendan Tu
  2. Kai So
  3. Benjamin Ha


  1. Nicholas Ve
  2. Sacha Bo
  3. Dominic Ma

Webelos I

  1. Liam ZA
  2. Avery Kr
  3. Patrick Co
Webeolos II

  1. Frank Fi
  2. Declan Tu
  3. Arline Li
Sibling Adult

  1. Darrin O’Connell
  2. Tony Copp
  3. Brian Tulley
Siblings under 12

  1. Colin Tul
  2. Alexis Fi
  3. Ella La

Note: For privacy considerations we do not publish full names of scouts on our website.

Mike Piskie - Committee Chairman