Leader Achievement Trackers

Leader Achievement Tracking Spreadsheets

It is sometimes a lot easier to keep track of which scouts have completed different achievements on a spreadsheet instead of flipping through the books.  Below are some spreadsheets that I have used to keep track of the progress of the scouts in my Den.  I also found the spreadsheets helpful sometimes in planning the next Den meeting.  I would just look around the list for a couple things that would be fun to do and then probably add in one of the less exciting but still important “talking” type of achievement just so we didn’t get stuck at the end of the year with just the talking requirements left.

These are Excel file spreadsheets, click on the links below and then choose “Save as” and save it somewhere on your computer.

  • Tiger Achievement Tracker –  tigerv2r6
  • Wolf Achievement Tracker –  wolfv2r14
  • Bear Achievement Tracker –  bearv2r14
  • Weblos Achievement tracker (both I and II) –  WEBv3r14

 Scout Advancement and Awards form for Badges, Beltloops and Pins

Click here for the PDF form (can be filled out electronically and then printed).