Cost & Fees

We wish it was possible to provide the Scouting experience at no cost. Unfortunately, not all expenses can be offset by fundraising. That’s why we have annual dues for each Scout. The annual dues, along with proceeds from fundraising and tireless effort from our volunteer leaders, allows the Pack to function on a perpetual basis.

The annual dues cover a variety of things such as:

  • Annual registration fee for the Council, which helps to fund Council and National Scouting programs ($33/scout & $33/leader)
  • Yearly subscription for Boys’ Life Magazine ($10/scout)
  • Patches and awards for the Scouts
  • Required insurance for Pack events
  • Portion of Den meeting supplies ($10/scout)

Outside of annual dues, each Scout is responsible for their own uniform and equipment. Certain events may also require a small fee in order to lessen the financial burden on the volunteer leaders. The Pack uses all available resources in order to minimize costs for any event we host, and any excess funds are added to our general balance for future Scouting use.

The dues for 2017/18 are $75 per Scout.